CareDox, the leading health technology platform for K-12 schools, is now in 26 states. This is up from just seven states this time last year. Thanks for helping us get here!

So what’s causing the explosive growth in the CareDox community?

Lisa Hendrickson, a nurse supervisor at Vail Unified School District in Vail, Arizona, shares her experience with CareDox :

“There is so much medical information we need to report on—a very lengthy and manual process. Adding up an entire year’s worth of medical episodes takes time, which then detracts from the quality of our actual day-to-day work. This task used to take days to complete…with CareDox, we can do it literally in minutes.”

“Plus, district administrators can’t believe our software is free,” says Dennis McNamara, the School Relationship Manager executing a great deal of the CareDox geographic expansion.

“When I show nurses the medication inventory alerts, the medical episode tally reports, and the immunization registry integrations, they start to envision themselves using CareDox, and they see how we streamline and lighten their workload.”

At CareDox, we believe that school nurses are school heroes, and as such, every public school district should have access to CareDox for free.

CareDox is able to provide its digital health technology free to every public school in the country thanks to our pediatric partnerships, which include both population health management and care coordination services on behalf of payers, providers, and life-science companies.

CareDox does not share health record information and is 100% HIPAA/FERPA compliant.

To learn how you can add your district to the CareDox waitlist, email today!

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