March 29, 2016, American Falls, Idaho–American Falls School District has joined with CareDox to help school nurses better manage student health. Together, CareDox and American Falls School District will assist the district schools in transitioning student health records online, as well as streamlining health communications with parents and students.

American Falls is the home of the Five Star Award-winning American Falls High School. The district serves nearly 1,500 students.

“With CareDox we will no longer have to wait around for paper immunization forms, while educators and administrators will be able to easily access the health information they need for annual reports, school trips, athletics, and more,” said American Falls district nurse Melissa Lott. “Our decision to adopt CareDox was largely parent-driven: we want to keep them in the loop about their children’s health, and CareDox gives us the means to do that.”

“Students have to be healthy to learn,” continued Lott. “CareDox allows our nurses to take excellent care of our students in an efficient manner, allowing them to maximize their time helping students.”

CareDox provides a free student health record management platform to over 1,800 schools and one million students across the U.S. to provide easy, secure access to important health data online. It also connects parents and local health organizations to critical student health information.

This partnership marks the first implementation of CareDox’s school health technology in Idaho. CareDox has grown over the last 18 months to serve students across 27 U.S. states.

“American Falls school nurses will no longer have to wait for and process paper immunization forms,” said CareDox founder and CEO, Hesky Kutscher. “Furthermore, parents will no longer have to track down their children’s vaccine information year after year. Everybody benefits from a 21st century school health system.”

About CareDox: CareDox is the leading digital health platform for the largest and most consistent health delivery system in the country: K12 public schools. It is currently connected to immunization registries in 14 states. CareDox’s free medical technology covers students in over 1,800 schools. Find us at or email to learn more.


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