May 5, 2016, Augusta, Kansas–Augusta Public Schools has teamed with CareDox to provide confidential and safe digital information management for its school nurses. This partnership will enable school health offices to streamline and bolster care for district students.

Augusta School District, USD 402, is located in Butler County, Kansas, just east of Wichita. Augusta public schools serve 2,300 students among its six schools.

Monica Guilliams, BSN, RN, is an Augusta school nurse at Lincoln Elementary and Augusta High School. She offered insight into the district’s decision to partner with CareDox:

“CareDox eliminates the need for paper documentation and storage, improves patient confidentiality and safety, provides parental, staff, and physician remote access for exchanging and sharing important health information. It also streamlines care processes, monitors and tracks individual and population health data, transfers immunization information between the school and state registry, and best of all, it does not cost anything for the district to use it.”

The nurses of USD 402 are embracing the opportunity to use the web-based CareDox electronic health record system, designed specifically for school health services,” explained Guilliams.

When asked about the training process, Guilliams responded that “the staff has been wonderful to work with, and I can’t find one bad thing to say. I would recommend CareDox to anyone who asks, and actually have already!”

CareDox provides a free student health record management platform to 2,000 schools across the U.S., including 96 schools serving a combined 47,000 students in the state of Indiana. It also connects parents and local health organizations to critical student health information.

“Nurses at USD 402 will no longer have to wait for and process paper immunization forms,” said CareDox founder and CEO, Hesky Kutscher. “Furthermore, parents will no longer have to track down their children’s vaccine information year after year. CareDox serves the entire community.”

About CareDox: CareDox is the leading digital health platform for the largest and most consistent health delivery system in the country: K12 public schools. It is currently connected to immunization registries in 14 states. CareDox’s free medical technology covers students in 2,000 schools. Find us at or email to learn more.


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