Deborah Minor
Oak Grove Elementary
Desoto County, Mississippi

Deborah Minor
Deborah Minor has been a school nurse for 4 years, but in the nursing profession for 28 years.  Prior to school nursing, Deborah worked as an ER nurse.  For health reasons, her doctor suggested she find an alternative to the ER, and look for something less stressful and with fewer hours.  Deborah says, “He didn’t know!”

Reiterating a common misconception about school nursing, Deborah reminds us it’s not only band-aids and ice packs.  Many would be surprised to hear that it is way more serious than that.  She noted many students she has supported have had illnesses like Diabetes or Sickle Cell, and come from a variety of health backgrounds.  She says her role runs the gamut of nurse, teacher, counselor, mom/dad, and sometimes even dentist!  

Deborah loves how rewarding the job is and that she touches the life of a child on a daily basis.  She says many parents will note that she is too nice, and goes above the call of duty.  However, Deborah is the grandmother of 6, enjoys taking care of children, and approaches every student interaction with the thought that it could be her own kid.  “I own whatever is going on with them,” she says.  Her favorite part of the job is watching them grow, and especially likes seeing how the students change and develop when they return from summer break in the fall.  She’s especially excited to learn she’ll be moving to the middle school and seeing some of the students she once worked with at the elementary level.

In January 2017, Deborah began using CareDox, and especially likes the customer support system.  She says they answer questions for her right away, and incorporate everything she needs.  She says it speeds up her time, since she can just click through a document rather than writing everything out each time.

If she were to give any advice to someone new to school nursing, it would be to set aside a little money to buy snacks and drinks for the health room.  She says this little thing can help kids who may need to eat, and that a full stomach makes a big difference when it comes to keeping children in school.  That, and they also get the added benefit of experiencing kindness, which makes them feel loved and heard.  “Sometimes,” Deborah says, “all they really need is a hug.”

We wish you a Happy National School Nurse Day!

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