Nicki Holewinski
Vail School District
Vail, Arizona

Nicki Holewinski is a self-proclaimed #1 fan of CareDox!  She’s also a former health aide and current Student Data Specialist for the Vail School District Technology Department.  Nicki loves working with children, and would be there for every child, if she could, but balances that side of her personality with a background in quality assurance and software testing.  After working for 4 years as a health aid for grades K – 8, she was in the right place at the right time when her school was used as a pilot for CareDox.

CareDox was looking for feedback and input for what she thought would be useful as a health aide.  Prior to the implementation of CareDox, Nicki describes the documentation process as all paper, all the time.  All screenings and visits with students were documented on paper cards and counted through tallies, and with a district of over 13,000 students, it can be difficult to sort through all the records for any timely or meaningful data.  This became especially apparent in 2015 when there was an unfortunate outbreak of Pertussis (Whooping Cough) in their school system.  It brought to light the need for quick and up to date information on immunizations.  CareDox was introduced, and Nicki was able to help test it for a year.  She was excited to work with the multi-faceted system, and championed its use in every health office and household.  

Both parents and health aides have told her they love it.  Parents cite the real-time notifications as the feature they most appreciate.  Health aides enjoy the reduction in human error while tracking pill inventory, expiration dates, and the additional time it allows for them to do what they really love about their job – focusing their attention on the kids!

Nicki loves helping people, and her new role as Student Data Specialist creates a place where she can help CareDox make improvements for their customers, and help her health aides become proficient with the software.  She has been impressed with how CareDox values customer feedback and demonstrates kindness, compassion and support for users of the platform.  Nicki points out that Arizona has some unique laws regarding documentation and immunization requirements CareDox has worked hard to accommodate their needs.

We wish you a Happy National School Nurse Day!

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