Pulaski County Public Schools has selected CareDox for managing student health records. The The Southwest Times recently published news of the announcement sent to parents earlier this month. School nurses will begin using the digital health information system this fall. From the article:

“‘Pulaski County Public Schools priority is always student safety,’ said Mary Rash, director of administration. ‘CareDox will assist in safety, as instant notifications will be sent from the school nurse if health and wellness issues arise.'”

In announcing the new system, Pulaski shared the new capabilities and communications available for parents. CareDox will allow parents/guardians to complete health information online, and update changes from year-to-year, instead of filling out paper forms each year. CareDox enables nurses to send instant notifications to parents/guardians, so that they know what happens with their child’s health at school, when it happens.

CareDox is passionate about teaming with US public schools and school nurses who serve as a crucial public health network for over 50 million students. See how our free healthcare technology designed specifically for schools can help your programs.


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