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What is CareDox?

CareDox is a comprehensive digital health platform for K-12 schools. We help school nurses deliver care, keep students safe and connect with parents. By increasing efficiency in school health offices, students can return to the classroom as quickly as possible and maximize their learning time.

How does CareDox affect me?

As an official partner of your child’s school district, CareDox takes the registration forms that your district uses and digitizes them so you can fill them out online. You will not be asked to provide any information that your school has not asked for before.

CareDox also connects parents to school nurses so you know what’s happening with your child’s health at school.

This helps parents in multiple ways:
  • Skip filling out each form every year. Once information is on CareDox, you simply update the parts that change from year-to-year.
  • Receive instant notifications from the school nurse so you know what happens with your child’s health at school, when it happens.
  • Securely share your child’s health information with schools, sports teams, camps and daycare programs - and add or remove access to these records anytime.
  • Access your family’s health information online from anywhere, anytime.

Who has access to this information?

CareDox is a digital version of the school’s previous health information system. Access to various pieces of information will be restricted to the same people who previously had access. If your district’s teachers had access to allergy information and emergency contacts, they are granted that same permission through CareDox. Permissions are granted on a role-by-role basis. School nurses have access to all health information on file, while administrators, teachers and coaches are granted information based on what they need to know as determined by your school district. You can contact us at to remove access to records from anyone, at any time. If your child leaves the school district, you can request to deactivate your CareDox account at that time.

104 W 40th St.
Suite 1030
New York, NY 10018

(347) 696 7067

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